Teeth Whitening

teeth-whit2We all want a whiter smile, & today, it can be accomplished safely, quickly & effectively.
While tooth whitening is the quickest most cost-effective way of improving a healthy smile, there are so many options available for getting teeth their whitest, that it can be confusing to choose the best method.
The most important & first step in any whitening procedure is to seek the advice of an oral health care professional for the rough examination, assessment & recommendation. A visit with your dentist will result in the whitest teeth possible by making sure your teeth & mouths are healthy & that any oral health problems are addressed before you begin a whitening program. Additionally surface stains & deposits that have collected on the teeth will be removed allowing for the best possible whitening. Finally, your dentists will advice you of strategies that will help you maintain your new whiter smile once you have it.
✔What are the treatment options?
There are two options for teeth whitening 1st is to get it done at dental clinic and 2nd at home. Out of the two you can get in-office whitening gives faster results as its done with more powerful whitening gel compared to at home treatment.
At Dental Excellence Dental Clinic we use specialized light that activates the gel and allows bleaching to happen faster. It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour for the treatment and 1to 3 appointments depending on your present shade and what you are looking to get.
For in-home whitening, we take impressions of your upper and lower teeth and make custom tray to fit on your teeth. You will have to fill each mouthpiece with a whitening gel that we provide & wear for the tray for few hours every day. Majority of people get the whiteness they want within a week or two. However, few might need to wear the mouthpiece for a longer period.
✔How long will the effect of bleaching last?
The bleaching effect totally depends on your eating and brushing habits. If you maintain a good oral hygiene and avoid food that cause staining then you won’t need treatment for years.
There can be some conditions where you might have to go for it in short intervals. We will be able to guide you on what is best suitable for you during the consultation.
✔What are side effects of Tooth Bleaching?
Some patients might experience sensitivity immediately after the treatment is done. However it is subjective and vanishes automatically in few days without any medication in most of the cases.